Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cro-hooked baby ghan

I'll be darned if my daughter didn't take one little glance at the cro-hooked baby afghan I am making her and instantly said "I don't like it". I could hardly believe I was hearing that. I was shocked. Last time around I didn't make her a bunch of baby things as it was summertime when Mason was born. Not a lot of call for warm yarn type of projects. So this time since there will be some cooler weather still hanging around I thought, well. She was upset the last time because I didn't do a lot of crochet baby ghans.

Well, all I said was "figures", then she starts to decide that maybe it might be ok, but that did it for me. I will finish this piece cause I like it. I think it is beautiful and I will complete it, but I will not give it to her. I don't give things to people who say "I don't like it". There is always someone who will like it. Still I am a bit bummed about it. This is the child who still has her Barbies with their crocheted dresses I made them, and her cabbage patch clothes.

Well, maybe the colors hit her wrong, but I didn't bother to ask about it. It was not something I wanted further discussion on. Maybe there just won't be any crochet for the baby. I can do store bought just like anyone else and save my hard working on crochet for those who really want it.


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