Saturday, July 21, 2007

I had joined another exchange. This time we were not doing squares. I still have squares I am working on from the last two exchanges. For the 6" squares I am edging them in red before attaching them. Since I do so many other things this is a long time project. I only do a square or two every few months. Like last night, I edged two squares and then put the project away. I really need to work on this more. The picture of the square here is one of my favorite square patterns. It is so beautiful. There are a few others that I love also, but this one is the neatest.
NOTE: Square is from an online free pattern by Bonnie Pierce. She did an excellent job designing this one.
Pin Wheel Star *See note at the bottom of this post

My other squares project is 12" squares done in pineapples and butterfly's. I just need to have the time to finish attaching these to each other. Ah time the hardest thing in life to get extra of. The pineapple is by Priscilla Hewitt:
Pineapple *See note at the bottom of this post.

The butterfly square is a derivative of the one done by Chris Simon (with permission and only available by members of the group for this exchange) sorry but the origianl is here: Butterfly Garden Square *See note at the bottom of this post.

Back to the newest exchange. We were doing scarves. We have emailed our partners as to colors and we have to the end of the month to get our projects out. So I have done it to myself again. I have to set aside other pieces to get this done, then I can get back to the things I am working on. I do these exchanges cause they are fun and the group I am a member of is an international one. So our partners can be from the US or elsewheres. My partner for this one is from Canada. Cool. I love getting international partners. You learn such neat things from them about where they live and I love that.
*Links to squares provided for those interested, but as links go right now they are working, later they could be gone.

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