Friday, July 20, 2007

Is it knitting or is it tunisian

Tunisian knit stitch, does it really look like knitting or not? Tunisian purl stitch does it match a knitted purl look? If you do a cro-hooked piece with a knit or BAS stitch, does it look like knitted garter stitch?

These questions have been have been asked of some since the time I started to learn to do tunisian crochet. Now one of those questions have repeated itself on groups.

I say that to me they do not look the same. Sorry my opinion folks. The tunisian knit stitch is the only one that actually comes close to the look of a knit stitch, but then again it is only close in how the stitch looks.

I have spent the better part of an evening, minus cooking dinner for hubby, making some swatches to look over these tunisian stitches. Not only did I make the tunisian stitch swatches, I continued by making some knitted swatches. I don't think you can really compare with out doing both.

Earlier I was told that there is an online video where a lady does a cro-hooked stitch that looks like knitting, the garter stitch. Well, I asked where that video is but as groups go answers can be slow in coming. So I searched but couldn't find where that video might be. So I just worked those swatches.

So far I can say that not one swatch looked like garter stitch. Oh no, I have to take that back. One swatch does look like garter stitch, but then it should, it is a knitted garter stitch swatch.

Now understand I am not trying to put down the use of the tunisian knit stitch, TKS, or the tunisian purl stitch, TPS, as I use them both. It's just that if it doesn't look like then I cannot say it does look like, well you know what I mean. It either is or it isn't. For me as I compare it just isn't. That's not to say that I really want it too anyway. For me knitting is knitting and tunisian is tunisian.

I don't really want one to fake the other so well that a difference cannot be seen. That just wouldn't be fair to myself, for you see if the tunisian really faked the knitting to the point of really looking like knitting, then what would be the purpose of learning it. You see I knit. So if I was learning a fake to replace the real then why bother.

I do bother because it is different. I want it to be different. I don't want to learn an entire craft only to have it look and be the same as one I already know. That would be just no fun at all.

So I have my knitting and I have my tunisian (crochet?, well that's another whole story).

PS: I will try to get pictures of swatches tomorrow but I am terrible about remembering to do the picture thing. I do believe that my little cro hooked ghan might just be long enough to get a picture of this beginning baby ghan. So I will try that one also. If pictures don't show up quickly, well that means I became too busy with something along the way.


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