Tuesday, July 31, 2007

These are just newborn booties so there is not a real nice toe section. Most of what I have found for newborns is like that unless it is regular crocheted booties. So I guess I will have to sit and play to get some thing different then these as I am not really fond of this look but they will work.

As you can see these are not finished off yet. The top one is from the pattern for a crochenit set of booties done in the basic stitch, but these were converted to the Tunisian simple stitch. Once the have been sewn they won't look so tall. I amazed myself with this set in that the colors at the bottom and top are very, very close to the same.

The bootie on the bottom that is pink and yellow is done in a two shell return with a pickup of stitches in the return row chain. The scan doesn't show it well but the top has a cuff that turns down. This will be permanent when the bootie is sewn.

The last bootie is one I just completed. Again I used the two shell stitch return but on the pickup row I did a double crochet front post stitch on the row before between the two shell stitches. I need to frog the last row for the cast off as it came out too tight. It would be too much work getting a baby foot into the tiny hole that will be left when the backside is sewn.

I am sorry that I cannot get it to scan better then this but I got so lazy about getting out the camera. Maybe later for that.


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