Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tunisian Hooks

A while ago there was hooks put out for tunisian. These I think were modeled off the crochenit hooks that came out long ago. I have one of those first crochenit hooks. Oh I hate it, it is awful. The yarn won't slide, you get so frustrated you want to throw the darn thing.

Now these new hooks people have told me they work much better. Yea sure at the price they have been it is a no go for me. I don't want to waste money on hooks that will be the objects of complete madness to me. So I have avoided purchasing any. I instead purchased some of the Moez hooks. I do so love those Moez hooks. They may not be fancy, but they sure do work nicely. Nice people who make them also.

Ok the point of this posting is that I was browsing ebay yesterday and saw some of these plastic tunisian hooks that are those with the cord at the base. They are meant to be used for larger projects. Now normally I would just pass on by but some people on one of my groups have been talking about these hooks. So I decided to check them out. Wow, the lady selling them had them on a special buy. So for three hooks plus a couple of patterns they were only $4.79US plus $1.75 for shipping. Now I could spend that much on the patterns alone. So I bought them.

We shall see how well they work for I have several things to make for the baby coming to visit next year. I did a buy it now this morning and she has already sent notice they have been shippped. Wow, can you beat that. That is one of the fastest shippings I have ever gotten.


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