Monday, August 06, 2007

Books for Cro-hooking and Tunisian.

I have been looking for my book that is the 52 Tunisian Sampler afghan book but cannot seem to find it anywhere. I do remember having it out at one point when working on some more squares from the book. Where it got to is a mystery to me.

So while looking guess what, I found other books. I have been checking out different books I had been thinking about purchasing. I just hadn't gotten around to it as there have been other things I wanted first. So although I have looked I have not purchased.

The books I have are as listed here:

On The Double Luscious Scrap Afghans

Crochet Reversible Scrap Afghans with the Double Ended Crochet Hook
(a cro-hook for those of you who do not know that the double ended hook has been a cro-hook for a very long time, probably had other names as well)

Reversible Ripple Afghans On the Double

Afghans On the Double

Learn to Crochet Reversible Afghan with the Double Ended Cro-hook
(wow, this one actually has cro-hook and double ended on the same page, I like it)

Crochenit Easy Place Mats & Trivets
(yes also cro-hooking)

Easy Tunisian Crochet Weekend Sweaters
Easy Tunisian Afghans for the Family

The special treat is an older book I found, The Illustrated Guide To Crochet edited by Pam Dawson

This guide is something I picked up a very long time ago. I have used it for various things but never really checked out the tunisian section. I should have. There are some stitch illustrations in there that I have not seen before. I need to play with these, tunisian style and cro-hooked also.

An addition to this is that I have purchased the 101 Tunisian crochet stitches to go along with the 101 Double Ended book I bought recently.


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