Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daisy Square Pattern

I finally got the file for the Daisy Square in my email. It is a very neat pattern. I printed it off and find that it was a bit difficult for me to understand at first, thank goodness for pictures, but I have it. I just had to let this old brain wrap itself in knots to get it. LOL No not really. I just couldn't decide if I was suppose to do this or this, sorry cannot tell you but there is a link to the pattern request site at the bottom of the left bar.

So I made the first square with the size of hooks that Krystal used. She says she crochets loose and she must really mean loose as I crochet loose and my square was too small. I got a 7" square where I needed an 8" square.

So I jumped to a size larger hook and got the size of square that I need. I have now started another to send to Krystal for the afghan project. Once the stitch pattern was run through once it was very easy to do it again. Quite the neat square, but my son says he likes that backside much better as a pattern.


Blogger Dace said...

Looking forward to seeing your daisy squares. I wandered over from the Ps and Qs Yahoo group.

5:27 PM  

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