Thursday, August 09, 2007

Documenting Your Work

When you start playing with something and are trying the new, should it be working, do document what you have done. Sometimes it can be a bit till you can get back to what you were doing and memory is not always what was.

I have this first pair of booties I started in a dc front post stitch. Oh no problem I can remember exactly what I did. Yea right. So I had to put the first one down because another project (not crocheted), required my attention. I had been away from it far too long. Then I come back to the little bootie set to finish the second one. Got it wrong. So I went on to make a second bootie in the second somewhat the same pattern just to complete the set.

Now here I am trying to duplicate the first bootie and I finally have it, but boy I should have documented what I was doing in the first place. At least now I have two sets of these booties to give to my daughter. I remember how easy it is to loose baby booties so I plan to have quite a lot of them to give to her. I will make a few more in the newborn size then make some a bit larger.


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