Monday, August 06, 2007

Easy Tunisian hooks

I found that the Easy tunisian hooks I bought have a problem. The cables fall out. I have had to glue one. Then the crochenit hook I bought also fell out. So I pulled out the other two easy tunisian hooks and discovered that the cables in these two also fell right out of the hook portions.

Now I have cable hooks that need fixing, but there is a good side to this. Yes, I do like to look for the good in things. If I was to purchase another set of easy tunisian hooks. I could pull the cables out of one set, cut the little plastic blocker piece off the other sets end and glue the two sets together. Viola, a set of cable hooks that can be used for tunisian or cro-hooking on cables.

I ordered another set of easy tunisian hooks, and they arrived today. Tomorrow I will make my set of new hooks that will work for both techniques. See, there's the good, I can do both on one set of hooks and that I think is a good idea.


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