Friday, August 10, 2007

Finished Bootie set

I finally managed to finish the second bootie, figuring out the pattern I had worked as I went. Oh boy not to do this again. Not to say the pattern I worked out was bad, just the not writing it down as I went was. So now there are two booties in the green, white and yellow colors.

I have the easy tunisian hooks glued and working and have started another bootie. This one though is in the tss but double-ended tunisian or cro-hooked. I kind of like that double-ended tunisian, got that from Kim over on a yahoo group.

So I started this set of booties to be double sided, but I have messed up again. I wanted blue to one side, green to the other, but there is a long section of white in this yarn. I am now getting blue to one side and white to the other. So there is going to be guess work getting the other bootie the same in color. My daughter like the fact that I got the booties fairly even as to the colors in the booties. Not exact but really close.


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