Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another try at Mitered Tunisian

I mentioned that I was wondering if I should do the decrease in the center of the mitered tunisian cheveron as one decrease so I gave this a try to see what it looks like.

When I do the decrease as a two part there is a funny little double line going with a depression between them.

When I do the decrease as one yarn over pulled through the next four stitches plus the current chain, I get one line going up the center that looks much better then the double decrease.

The thing you have to remember is this is a decrease of two. So when picking up for the next row you need to pick up two stitches in the center one decrease. I did this by going through two vertical bars, then the last two vertical bars for that decrease. This brings me back to having only two less stitches for the decreased section.

This last decrease looks so much better then the first one, but I will try one more I have in mind to see if it is even better.


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