Thursday, September 13, 2007

A couple of Daisy Squares

This daisy square starting with the yellow center is the one that I duplicated in a different size of hook. The pattern calls for an H hook but my square came out way too small. I jumped to a J hook and the square size is the size that Krystal wants made for the charity afghans.

I have lots of scrap yarns and these squares are perfect for using that material that is left over from other projects.

I have worked different color combinations and where I have enough scraps I have been changing the sequence of colors to make additional squares with the same colors.

I didn't take pictures so the tips of the flower show well, but this is about the best of the ones here. As you can see the tip of the flower is not attached to the rest of the work. So these tips can curl up. That is so cute. Look closely and you can see some of that curl in those flower tips.

My daughter, Trina, watched me doing squares and asked me to get her a copy of the pattern. Between the two of us we now have 21 squares made to send to Krystal. We will do a few more then send them off. I haven't yet hidden the ends but I like to do that all at one time.

I had only planned to make a handful of squares but this pattern is very addicting. When I am tired and don't want to mess up on other projects this has been a perfect project to work on. I have an advantage in that after having done one or two the pattern becomes second nature, meaning I don't have to look at the directions any more. So I can almost be full asleep and still work this square with no problem. Then when Trina joined in helping to make the squares I decided to continue my own efforts, but we will soon have to get back to our baby projects in earnest.

Additional comment:

If you are interested in the square pattern look to the bottom of the side bar for a link to Krystal's site with the pattern. Look through her archive of messages to see other squares that have been sent to her. There are some beautiful squares in there. Also she has a list of places where all the squares have come from. It is interesting to see where people have sent squares from.


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Beautiful squares. Congratulations!!

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