Thursday, October 04, 2007

Easy Tunisian Straight Hooks

I got the easy tunisian straight hooks a couple of days ago and really have only looked at them. It has been busy at work and I have other things I am working hard at getting completed. I have put more into the cro-hooked shell stitch baby ghan and the tunisian mitered square afghan. The shell stitch piece goes pretty fast but that mitered one does not. It is not that it is slow, I am just not use to doing the mitered squares, so I am slow.

I want to start the Taffy Stripes Romper set, Taffy Stripes Romper Set, but decided that I would be better off to complete at least one project before starting another. I have several on looms and hooks so I am working on them first. I just want to do that set. I have the yarn I plan to use, but alas I have to have some control. ROFLOL


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