Monday, August 27, 2007

Making Slippers Nonslipping

From time to time people ask the question, "What can I use to keep
my slippers from slipping on floors". Mostly people look for rug
backing and other products like that to paint on the bottoms of the

Others have mentioned paint for clothing. Just dab that on the
bottoms of the slippers to make grip points along the bottom.

Another method is to take flat rubber rings and sew them to the
bottom (you do want them to be flat so there are not bumps to impact
the feet, I have sensitive feet and that would hurt).

This morning I was outside looking at the fish and it is a bit
cooler then it has been in the morning. I looked at my feet and
thought I wonder if there is a way to knit or crochet something to
make these feet covers warmer. Then as I looked again a thought
occurred to me, why not get some of these to glue to the bottoms of
slippers and make my own bottom. I was wearing a simple inexpensive
pair of flip flops.

So what if I picked up some cheap ones. You know at the end of
summer everyone is getting rid of these little cheapish flip flops
at a very lost price. So at the end of summer is the perfect time
to pick them up to make winter slipper bottoms.

Take the flip flops and remove the top. You then have a flat rubber
to glue or sew or whatever you choose, to the bottom of the
slippers, thus making them have grip and also protecting the yarn at
the bottom of the slipper.

Well, I thought it was at least an idea I could pass along to the
group. Maybe someone besides myself will like this one. Some of
that rug backing is pretty expensive compared to buying a cheap pair
of flip flops.

So tell me what you think.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daisy Square again

I got pictures of a few of the squares I have made for Krystals charity afghans, but haven't had a chance to load them. I took the pictures on Monday night and was going to load them Tuesday night but we had other things that have taken an advance seat to my doing computer work. The six year old grandson was running across our yard trying to catch is mother and tripped. He landed in such a way as to break both bones in his right arm. Oh how much excitement can you have. ROFLOL

It will probably be the weekend before I get a chance to load the pictures.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Working on squares

I am still working to get the squares done to send to Krystal. So far I have six 8" ones done and a seventh almost there. I also have one 7" and I read that she can use the smaller ones also, so I will send it also.

I took pictures of some but haven't loaded them to the computer yet.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daisy Square Pattern

I finally got the file for the Daisy Square in my email. It is a very neat pattern. I printed it off and find that it was a bit difficult for me to understand at first, thank goodness for pictures, but I have it. I just had to let this old brain wrap itself in knots to get it. LOL No not really. I just couldn't decide if I was suppose to do this or this, sorry cannot tell you but there is a link to the pattern request site at the bottom of the left bar.

So I made the first square with the size of hooks that Krystal used. She says she crochets loose and she must really mean loose as I crochet loose and my square was too small. I got a 7" square where I needed an 8" square.

So I jumped to a size larger hook and got the size of square that I need. I have now started another to send to Krystal for the afghan project. Once the stitch pattern was run through once it was very easy to do it again. Quite the neat square, but my son says he likes that backside much better as a pattern.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Finished Bootie set

I finally managed to finish the second bootie, figuring out the pattern I had worked as I went. Oh boy not to do this again. Not to say the pattern I worked out was bad, just the not writing it down as I went was. So now there are two booties in the green, white and yellow colors.

I have the easy tunisian hooks glued and working and have started another bootie. This one though is in the tss but double-ended tunisian or cro-hooked. I kind of like that double-ended tunisian, got that from Kim over on a yahoo group.

So I started this set of booties to be double sided, but I have messed up again. I wanted blue to one side, green to the other, but there is a long section of white in this yarn. I am now getting blue to one side and white to the other. So there is going to be guess work getting the other bootie the same in color. My daughter like the fact that I got the booties fairly even as to the colors in the booties. Not exact but really close.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Documenting Your Work

When you start playing with something and are trying the new, should it be working, do document what you have done. Sometimes it can be a bit till you can get back to what you were doing and memory is not always what was.

I have this first pair of booties I started in a dc front post stitch. Oh no problem I can remember exactly what I did. Yea right. So I had to put the first one down because another project (not crocheted), required my attention. I had been away from it far too long. Then I come back to the little bootie set to finish the second one. Got it wrong. So I went on to make a second bootie in the second somewhat the same pattern just to complete the set.

Now here I am trying to duplicate the first bootie and I finally have it, but boy I should have documented what I was doing in the first place. At least now I have two sets of these booties to give to my daughter. I remember how easy it is to loose baby booties so I plan to have quite a lot of them to give to her. I will make a few more in the newborn size then make some a bit larger.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Easy Tunisian hooks

I found that the Easy tunisian hooks I bought have a problem. The cables fall out. I have had to glue one. Then the crochenit hook I bought also fell out. So I pulled out the other two easy tunisian hooks and discovered that the cables in these two also fell right out of the hook portions.

Now I have cable hooks that need fixing, but there is a good side to this. Yes, I do like to look for the good in things. If I was to purchase another set of easy tunisian hooks. I could pull the cables out of one set, cut the little plastic blocker piece off the other sets end and glue the two sets together. Viola, a set of cable hooks that can be used for tunisian or cro-hooking on cables.

I ordered another set of easy tunisian hooks, and they arrived today. Tomorrow I will make my set of new hooks that will work for both techniques. See, there's the good, I can do both on one set of hooks and that I think is a good idea.

Books for Cro-hooking and Tunisian.

I have been looking for my book that is the 52 Tunisian Sampler afghan book but cannot seem to find it anywhere. I do remember having it out at one point when working on some more squares from the book. Where it got to is a mystery to me.

So while looking guess what, I found other books. I have been checking out different books I had been thinking about purchasing. I just hadn't gotten around to it as there have been other things I wanted first. So although I have looked I have not purchased.

The books I have are as listed here:

On The Double Luscious Scrap Afghans

Crochet Reversible Scrap Afghans with the Double Ended Crochet Hook
(a cro-hook for those of you who do not know that the double ended hook has been a cro-hook for a very long time, probably had other names as well)

Reversible Ripple Afghans On the Double

Afghans On the Double

Learn to Crochet Reversible Afghan with the Double Ended Cro-hook
(wow, this one actually has cro-hook and double ended on the same page, I like it)

Crochenit Easy Place Mats & Trivets
(yes also cro-hooking)

Easy Tunisian Crochet Weekend Sweaters
Easy Tunisian Afghans for the Family

The special treat is an older book I found, The Illustrated Guide To Crochet edited by Pam Dawson

This guide is something I picked up a very long time ago. I have used it for various things but never really checked out the tunisian section. I should have. There are some stitch illustrations in there that I have not seen before. I need to play with these, tunisian style and cro-hooked also.

An addition to this is that I have purchased the 101 Tunisian crochet stitches to go along with the 101 Double Ended book I bought recently.


I started the second bootie to the green and white set and made a terrible mistake. The place where I had put the original front post double crochet, is not where I put it in the second one. I was busy watching TV. Figures I didn't bother to look at the first one.

So now I had a second bootie in a slightly different pattern started. So what the heck, I went on to change the whole thing. I decided not to follow anything in that crochenit easy bootie pattern and make this one completely tunisian.

So now that set is completed and I am on my way to completing the second booties for the first set of green and white booties. So what there will be two booties sets in the green and white.